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Thursday, March 12, 2015

[MT6582] XKat V1 Custom Rom For Walton GF2

System :-
=> Customizable Aroma Installer.

=> Very smooth & fast

=> Xperia Z2 Launcher.

=> Xperia Walkman.

=> Xperia Movie.

=> Xperia Clock & Weather Widget.

=> Xperia Bootanimation.

=> Xperia Media.

=>Xperia Sociallife.

=>Xperia Album, Smart Connect, Calculator

=>Xperia Photo Widget.

=>Xperia Clock.

=>Xperia Calender

=>Xperia X-Reality Engine.

=>Xperia Contact Widget.

=>Xperia Simple Home.

=>Xperia Note.

=> Xperia Keyboard.

=> Xperia Style Settings.

=> Xperia Framework Animation.

=> Xperia Lounge.

=> Xperia Recording app.

=> Sony Sketch Font

.=> Sony Social Camera.

=> Sony Small Apps.

=> Sony Select.

=> Sony Sketch.

=> Sony Photo Editor.

=> Customizable Battery Icon.

=> Themed Dialer, Contacts, MMS etc.

=> Custom Lockscreen

=> Multi-Window Sidebar.

=> Visible brightness slider in notification panel.

=> Enabled On-screen Navigation key.

=> KMFly Xperia Boot Logo.

=> Build.prop Tweaked

=> Gapps Included.

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