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Saturday, March 14, 2015

All Custom Rom List For Walton Primo GH2

All Custom Rom List For Primo  GH2

1. AOSP:: click here (4.2.2) 

2.Xperia Z: click here (4.2.2) 

4.Miui 4.6.2- click here (4.2.2) 

5.Note 3: click here (4.2.2) 

6.NOTE 3 Based Mixed Rom : click here (GOOGLE DRIVE)(4.2.2) 

7.Galaxy S4: click here 4.2.2 

8.Stock p4: click here (4.2.2) 

9.S123: click here (4.2.2) 

10.VIBE UI: click here (4.2.2) 

11.Color os 4.2.2 Link rom: click here Fix Camera:click here 

12.FLY UI: click here (4.2.2) 
Gapps: click here 

13. AXER 3.0 click here 

14.Elephone P10 kitkat for walton gh2



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