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Monday, February 2, 2015

MIUI V5 Custom Rom For Symphony W150

Features :

Like other miui custom rom

Download :
This is based on the MIUI release on 30-Aug-2013.!9Rk0DZrD!Sagagm...rDYG4jX4evUSDw

The download link does not contain boot.img. If you have a working ROM, then it should not be a problem. Otherwise try restoring boot from the nandroid backup using advanced restore.
Caution: I have not tested boot restore from backup on this ROM. It should work. I was using an old version of my ROM and the phone restarted without issues without boot.img flashed.

Installations ::

You may follow the following procedure to flash this ROM.
  1. Make backup of whatever you care about
  2. Boot into CWM
  3. Format data/factory reset
  4. Update from ZIP
  5. Reboot



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