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Friday, February 27, 2015

Recovery Porting Tutorial

  Recovery Porting Tutorial 




1.Apktools letast version (Search on xda or google) 

2.NP++ for

mobile (Search on google)
3.Root Explorer or any Good file
explorer (Search on google)
4.Recovery tools (Search on google)
Frist take your stock boot.img,stock recovery and any other
recovery like CWM or CTR (Without TWRP)
Now put them in safe folder on your sdcard or storge and go to
apktools...Unpack boot.img in a new folder then unpack Stock
recovery in another folder and unpack your cwm or CTR
recovery in Another folder...
All done!Now unpack your recovery in a new folder (whitch you
want to port)...
Now go to your unpacked boot.img and go to ramdisk folder
then copy these files and paste it to your recovery (whitch you
want to port)
Done! Now go to your unpacked stock recovery and copy
(#Karnel) and paste it to your unpacked recovery (Whitch you
want to port).Then again go to unpacked stock recovery and
go to ramdisk...then copy these files and paste them in you
unpacked recovery (whitch you want to port) / ramdisk and
replaced all...
Done! Now go to your unpacked CWM or CTR and go to
ramdisk/etc and copy ( recovery.fstab ) and paste it to you
unpacked recovery (whitch you want to port) /ramdisk/etc and
Done!Now go to your unpacked recovery (whitch you want to
port) then go to ramdisk and open default.prop and edit this as
you edit build.prop of a custom rom...
All Done!
Finel step  :
Now go to your unpacked recovery (whitch you want to port)
and click on ramdisk then repack it...done!now you will see
your new recovery named (new.img)...Now open recovery tools
and flash your new recovery...And see magic or you can make
a cwm flashable recovery.zip ...Just download this ( http://
www.mediafire.com/?yoch4142rowjkbj ) and extract it on a
folder.then renamed your new recovery file to
recocery.img.Now copy it and paste in these folder where you
extracted that zip and replaced it.Done! now create a zip and
go to recovery mood and flash it...
N.B. ->TWRP porting method is different...i will give you
later... Sometimes your new recovery may not work...if its not
work then try again and be patient...
I hope this post was helpfull if think so and successed to port
your new recovery then dont forget to give me some credits
dude... _________________________________
Main thered : ( http://forum.xda-developers.com/android/
general/port-cwm-ctr-recovery-porting-t2862806 )
if you like this post then go to this link ^^^ and click on thanks
botton...may its increased my impession on giving new

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