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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Install Custom Recovery On Rooted Android

How to install custom recovery on Android ::

First Method ::  With Mobile Uncle Tool

Step 1 : For custom recovery installation
on your phone you must root your phone,
Then follow this given
procedure to easily install custom recovery
on your phone

Step 2: Download custom recovery as you
like either CWM Recovery or TWRP
Recovery >>> Now, Copy custom recovery
file in your SD Card and rename it
“recovery.img” >>> You can find this Mobile
Uncle Tools app from here

Step 3: Launch Mobile Uncle Tools >>> You
will get a popup tab from SU app for root
access permission >>> Now, tap on Grant
for SU permission >>> Tap on Recovery
Update. You will get lots of options on
Mobile Uncle tools app >>> Tap on recovery
update option.

Step 4: You will see your recovery.img
file with the location information of
storage on your SD Card >>> Tap on the
recovery.img file that it shown >>> Now,
apply it. It will ask to you for reboot or

go to recovery mode. Thats all.

Through this method You can install custom recovery in your mediatek devices only.  

Second Method :: With Flashify

1) Download Flashify from here
2) Choose Recovery image
3) Download Custom recovery. ( CME,TWRP,CTR,COT,PhilZ etc)
4) CWM has 2 versions untouch and
touchable (anyone that you like)
5) After downloaded finished, put the recovery on your sd card.
6) Open flashify. Go to flash window.  You can see 3 options there. Click on "recovery image". Choose File from sd card.
7) Flash and reboot

This method works on snapdragon devices also.

Try at your own risk.  We are not responsible for any kind of damage of your phone & also of your mind.