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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What to do after rooting Android?

10 thinks to do after rooting your Android smartphone:

1. First think that you should do after rooting is to install a custom recovery.  There are many kinds of custom recovery like CWM recovery, TWRP, CTR,PhilZ, COT etc. You can take a nandroid backup (stock rom backup) throw this custom recovery.  You can also flash custom rom throw this recovery which is not possible without installing a recovery.

see this post.How to install recovery → http://droidzeus.blogspot.com/2015/02/install-custom-recovery-on-rooted.html?m=1

2.The first thing you should do after getting root is install Titanium Backup.Its a must have app for every androidphone.You can backup all your apps,contacts,messages,call logs etc very easily.You can remove all the bloatwares in Stock ROM.Also this app makes it easier for people to restore their apps and data whenever they change ROMs.I suggest you get the PRO version.

3. Install Root Explorer(Paid) or Solid Explorer or ES file explorer or any other file manager which has access toroot.This is a very useful app.You can do a hell lot of modifications with this.Like edit your game progress,hosts file,build.prop etc.

4. Install Adaway to remove all the annoying ads from the internet and apps.This edits your hosts file and updates it with a list of ad servers.A must have app!

5. SetCPU(Paid) or Performance control(Free):This app is highly useful.With this you can adjust your CPU clock speed and change the Governors and Schedulers.You can overclock it too if your kernel supports it.

6.Greenify :This is an excellent app to increase the performance of your phone.Unlike freezing your resource consuming apps with Titanium Backup,you can hibernate them easily with Greenify.This won’t freeze or uniNstallthem.You can use those greenified apps anytime by just launching them.Be careful what you greenify.
P.S:Don’t greenify Alarm clock apps or chat apps like whatsapp etc.You won’t recieve notifications if you do.

7.ROM Toolbox: This is a highly customizable app.You can customize the status bar icons,change boot animations,edit the build.prop file etc.Honestly its an all in one app.It has got a root browser,ad blocker,theme chooser and many more.Before you modify anything,make sure to have a backup of current settings.

8. Terminal Emulator: As the name suggests it emulates a linux terminal.Almost all the commands work here.Its a decent app.Check it out!

9. Flashify: This is a very useful app to flash custom ROMs,kernels(boot.img ,zip files) directly from your phone.(You can use the ClockWorkMod recovery to do all these things instead).But its got a neat UI.

10.Install the XPOSED Framework!You can customize your whole ROM without flashing anything.The framework is quite popular these days and there are so many modules available for download.You can enable PIE controls on CyanogenMod,Change permissions,DPI  for each app,customize status bar transparency etc.Loads of stuff to mess around with.